Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Purdah (VEIL)

I felt I had to put this thread up as the recent events happening in America not only shocked me but angered me and I feel that this and other women are forgetting their place in Islam and abusing it.So much for equal rights yes, but Islam has put a purdah there for a reason, and we as women do not cross that line.Sex is a reality of human life. It can neither be ignored nor escaped from. Islam divides its people in the two categories of men and women, which is only natural and realistic. Societies that have violated this division have passed through disaster. At some places, there has been too much of stringency maintained leading to the segregation of the half of its people, while at others obliterating the distinction between the two sexes has created an unnatural semblance of unity.This imbalance leads to pathetic ends.As opposed to this, Islam divides its people into two on the basis of their sexes.The two constitute two different circles. As such, men operate in an area that is different from that of the women.Men and women are not thus imprisoned in their circles; they are in fact given freedom to act in their own areas of operation with their individual excellence rather than enter other areas and cause tension there.The line of distinction between the two sexes is known as Purdah (veil) Man has been selected to take care of the affairs of the world outside. This has been done in view of the nature and capabilities that a man has. Similarly, in view of their nature and potential, women have been selected to operate in the inner world. The responsibilities of each group are only appropriate to those who belong to the group.The western society, as you can see of its actions have proved that its ethos has failed in, morality, humanity, and culture. The women have no peace; they go from place to place without success. The western couples separate at a much faster rate than anywhere else.Purdah does not imply that a woman is to be imprisoned behind the walls; it only intends to draw a line between the two societies.Islam does not keep women behind closed doors; it rather gives her a chance to operate freely in her own area. From there she can very well earn her livelihood, and if her conditions allow, she can also join a job and serve socially and politically.She can teach in the educational institutions, go to social clubs but all these may happen separately and not in a mixed manner. There is no denying the fact that men and women are like the two wheels of life’s vehicle. It is only through mutual co-operation that this vehicle can move. Islam also underlines these roles of men and women but it does not, however, support what is said ; Subsequently that men and women should work together. Two wheels can’t move together on a single track. If an effort is made to do so, the vehicle would suffer damage just as society would.It is important to understand the importance of PURDAH at this point.Men and women, according to Islam, have been divided as MAHRAM and NA-MAHRAM.MAHRAM; The prohibited degrees of relationship, i.e. those near blood relatives of the opposite sex with whom marriage is prohibited in Islam.NA-MAHRAM; The person with whom marriage is not prohibited.Concealable Parts of BodyAccording to Islam there are concealable parts of men and women.Concealable parts of women’s body are from the wrists to the ankles. In other words, their entire body, except face, is concealable. The concealable parts of men include the parts from navel down to knee. Men and women are commanded to conceal these parts. They can’t expose them even before persons who belong to the same sex. There are injunctions regarding Purdah that it will be observed with the unknown ones. In sum, it may be said that purdah is an important institution of Islam, without which the society would have suffered irreparable loss.



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