Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Wit of a Wise Woman

A group of men once visited Rabi¡¦ah Basriyah Radi Allahu anhato test her to see if she would make an unguarded comment. ¡§All the virtues have been scattered upon the heads of men,¡¨ they said. ¡§The crown of prophethood has been placed on the heads of men. The belt of nobility has been fastened around the waists of men. No women has ever been a prophet.¡¨¡§All that is true,¡¨ she replied. ¡§But egotism, worshiping one¡¦s self, and ¡§I am your Lord, the Most High¡¨ have never sprung from a woman¡¦s breast. All these things have been the specialty of men.¡¨-Tazkirah Al-Awliyaa¡¦


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