Thursday, February 12, 2009

Women and Loud Voices!

Women reciting Naat Shareef in such a loud voice that a (foreign)ajnabee can hear them is a severe offense and is a sin (Haraam)It is impermissible for ajnabee men to hear the voice of a ajnabee woman. While performing Namaaz, if a man wants to stop someone from passing before him he should say ''Subhanallah!''. However, if a woman wishes to so, she shouldnt say this but hit the back of her left hand with her right hand instead. This explains that in Namaaz, even in a situation of need, a woman should make her voice audible. Similarly, reciting Naat Shareef with music and the loud voice of women in Milaad Shareef gatherings is a big sin. Music itself is Haraam and utterly vain. Using it with Naat recitation, which is an act of worship, is even a greater sin. If any gathering of Milaad Shareef has these incorrect practices, they should be done away with. However, the Milaad Shareef shouldnt be abandoned. If a woman recites the Quraan Shareef in a loud voice or if recitation is made with music, these vices should be stopped, not the recitation (because that is an act of worship).May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala forgive us all for rasing our voices, Ameen!May we all strive to benefit from this, Ameen!


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